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Red Flags When Hiring a Rug and Mat Cleaner


A logo rug is undeniably a beautiful accessory to add to your business, but it can be very tough to clean and maintain too. Most rugs don’t come cheaply thus you should do everything it takes to keep them in pristine condition. Among the best ways to go about this is by hiring a rug cleaner to help you out.

Experienced rug cleaners have what it takes to make the entire process of cleaning and caring for your custom logo mats all the more convenient as you focus on other important things. But finding the right mat cleaner can be a lot tougher than doing the cleaning yourself. No wonder you should ensure you hire the best people for the job.

However, choosing the good from the good from the bad can feel like a tall order. If you’re planning to find a rug or mat cleaner for your business, here are some helpful red flags to keep a close eye on.

Poor Customer Relations

This is by far one of the biggest red flags to watch out for when you want professional cleaners to clean your logo mats. If you seem to be experiencing difficulties with the services they offer you when you’re merely coordinating with them, it is best to look elsewhere. Poor customer relations and customer service is a clear indication that they don’t value their customers, and you’re better off moving on and finding a reputable cleaner.

Poor and Inferior Equipment

How you choose to clean your custom logo mats and rugs has an important role to play on their lifespan. While commercial floor mats from Ultimate Mats are made from the highest-quality materials, it doesn’t mean you should use a cleaning solution and equipment you deem viable. The same applies for the rug cleaning company you hire.

If you allow someone to clean your custom logo rugs, then you would want one with the best possible cleaning tools and equipment. In the event that you come across a rug cleaner leveraging outdated and inferior equipment, it would be better to take your business elsewhere.

Lack Insurance Coverage

Surely, insurance is one of those things that your mat cleaner should have and if they don’t, then it makes sense to try finding a better option. With insurance, you can ensure that the prospective rug cleaning company is in a position to pay for whatever damage they might accidentally cause your custom logo mats. A rug cleaner without any insurance is definitely a ref flag to avoid.

Winding Up

Never allow the ever-increasing number of rug and mat cleaners to derail your quest of finding the best there is. While it is tempting to hire the first one you find in an attempt to save time, this decision could prove costly in the long run.

Take it upon yourself to examine what different carpet cleaning companies bring to the table. That way, you can easily sift the wheat from the chaff.

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