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Why You Should Go For A Scuba Liveboard Vacation


Vacationing divers are happy to squeeze in a couple of 2-tanks dives on their trip. Others are all about scuba diving and they want to be underwater at every possible opportunity. If you are in the group of latter, you generally have two options: book a shore-based dive trip that involves transport connections, multiple different lodgings and moving dive gear to and fro.

Let an experienced dive crew take care of the rest. Scuba liveaboard trips are all about completely immersing yourself in the ocean and its marine life. If you are still weighing up the pros and cons of a liveaboard dive vacation for your next scuba diving trip, here are top reasons of taking the plunge.

HolidayWith Like-Minded People

One of the best aspects of liveaboard diving is spending your holiday with like-minded divers who are just as passionate, about the underwater world as you are. This is particularly advantageous for single divers as you will always have a dive buddy to share accommodation if you want to avoid paying a single supplement.

Chances are there will be people who have dived places you have yet to see, offering endless inspiration for future dive trips. There is a shared idea in diving together every day that will see you make new and enduring friendship.

SpendLess Time In Transit

You might not know this., but land-based diving often means long bus journeys to your destination, followed by long boats rides out to the dive sites.  On a liveaboard dive vacation, you wake up each day at the dive site ready to go.

Liveaboard have a skilled crew and captain at the helm who know the area like the back of their hands. They will get you to all the secrets spots and most unique dive sites and if the weather isn’t in your favour, you will simply change direction to find a location with better conditions.


These are some of the benefits if scuba liveaboard vacation. It comes along with enhancing your skills. You are able to access remote dive sites that just aren’t possible during shore-based operations.

Liveaboard will get you to all the most popular locations and also take you where the day boats can’t reach and the dive sites where you will be the only ones in water. So if you have been thinking about this trios, its time you consider.

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